Privacy Policy

Centrum Lokalizacji CM follows the commonly accepted Internet privacy protection policies and acknowledges the need to properly manage and protect data used for the identification of individuals ("Personal Information"). 

Personal Information includes all data that can be used for the identification of individuals, including, but not limited to, first and last name, home or other real address, as well as e-mail or contact information relating to work and a place of residence. The users of Centrum Lokalizacji CM website are not required to enclose their Personal Information, with the exception of contact forms. 

After the Personal Information has been submitted by a user of the website by means of the Internet, Centrum Lokalizacji CM becomes the administrator of such data and reserves the right to distribute it within the company and to exchange such data with its partners in various countries, which may include the transfer of such data from the country of the user to another country. By filling in and submitting the said form, the user agrees that the enclosed Personal Information will be processed by Centrum Lokalizacji CM for recruitment or marketing purposes. 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM will take all necessary actions to conform to the appropriate personal information protection laws in force in every country of the world. Centrum Lokalizacji CM shall comply with the rules concerning the protection of Personal Information even if such data is to be transferred to a country where an "adequate" level of protection, as specified in the Polish Personal Data Protection Act, is not required. In other words, our goal is to protect all the Personal Information that is being collected, transferred and stored, regardless of the country where such data may be processed and irrespective of the fact whether the processing of such data is regulated by appropriate rules of law.